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          Product Class
            Electronic label read and write detection machine
            Equipment for RFID tags/labels testing
            Electronic label performance test equipment
            Electronic lable aging test equipment
            IOT Demo Center Solution
            Logistics Standardization Lab
            Electronic label hardware products
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          JUXIN IOT LAB (SHENZHEN) Co.,Ltd.
           Office ADD:D Taohuayuan Science and Technology Innovtion Park B Incubation Xixiang Street,Baoan Disteict,Shenzhen

          Contact : Cheng Mingming  18665867151              0755-86621196

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          About Us


            Juxin Internet of Things Laboratory (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Internet of Things laboratory resource service platform, RFID electronic label full life cycle testing equipment expert. A research and development team centered on the RFID laboratory project has been established, serving many IoT enterprises, schools, and research institutions at home and abroad, and has established its own laboratory test room to provide a test environment guarantee for product quality and project implementation. , establish a win-win relationship with industry enterprises, and strive to build the first brand in the Internet of Things laboratory equipment industry.

              Service scope: electronic label antenna proofing, label proofing equipment, label strength test equipment, label performance test equipment, label aging test equipment, label application scene construction, label data processing equipment, etc.

          Technical support:YEACE